Examples Of Agents Of Socialization

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How do you learn to adapt to a society? How do you learn the behaviors and the norms that are considered appropriate for society? What are your religious beliefs, your political views, or your socioeconomic status? These are all examples of how we are socialize into a society. I'll these examples relevant to you have had some influence from some other source because we are socialized into a society by interacting with other people. They also play a huge part in the formation of your social self. From the beginning of our life, we begin forming our social self. The formation of our social self is greatly influenced by agents of socialization such as our family, our schools, our peers, the mass media and technology, our workplace, our religion,…show more content…
Are family of the first people in our lives. They are the first people we have interactions with as well as the first people to influence us. They are truly our first teachers. Our family teaches us things like how to walk and talk, how to care for ourselves, how to behave, values, and so much more. Our family are the first to demonstrate to us gender roles that they deem appropriate in society. Our family's socioeconomic status also plays a huge role in the formation of our social self. The influence of our family can also have a continuing impact throughout our life. In addition to our family, the school system serves as an agent of socialization. Schools are also in important aspect because they help us to understand behaviors as well as norms that are acceptable in society. They also teach us values and principles of our culture. Schools can also promote the idea of rewards and punishments through the good and bad grades and conducts students. They also help with teaching us how to follow rules and…show more content…
According to the information in my textbook, Sociology in Modules, 4th edition (Schaefer, 2018), both organized religion and government have impacted the life course by re-instituting some of the rites of passages once observed in agricultural communities and early industrial societies. This means that certain traditional rites may bring together all the members of the extended family, even if they never meet for any other reason. Likewise, the government may enforce regulations that may stipulate the age at which a person may drive a car, drink alcohol, vote in an election, marry without parental permission, work overtime, and retire (Schaefer,

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