Examples Of Agents Of Political Socialization

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People are not born with political ideas, nor do we manufacture them: instead we learn them through a process called political socialization. By definition political socialization is the process by which an individual acquires values, beliefs, and opinions about politics. The process of political socialization begins at an early age all the way through adolescence and continues throughout an individuals life. However, there are numerous amounts of factors that affect a persons political socialization. These are commonly referred to as agents of political socialization. By definition, agents of political socialization are factors that have a significant impact on an individuals socialization to politics. Such agents could include: family, friends, peer groups, schools, media, and of course religion. With these agents some are more influential than…show more content…
A big part of this socialization not only comes from our parents but it also comes from the community archetypes and the media exposed to us daily. We can either accept the influences we have been immersed in or dismiss them. Either way, such influences are deeply ingrained in us. Media influences are becoming more common, that in turn in might actually be limiting the effect of such political ideas because we are exposed to them daily. In my family, considering being a military child, my parents hardly ever talked about politics with my brother and I. Growing up, and even to this day they would just ask how our day went and what we learned in school but, politics was never topic of conversation. As for my parents being Democrats or Republicans, I can't answer that. I never took much to politics and to this day I'm not much involved so as a result I never adopted my parents views because I don't know what their political views are. However all I do know is that because we are a military family we are affected by which ever the outcome

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