Personal Narrative: Agents Of Political Socialization

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Your political views or ideas are not inherited, but we learn how to gain our views from a process called political socialization which I have been through the process starting from my early childhood until now. When I was growing up in my early childhood, I was exposed to many different individuals’ views and groups’ views which are commonly known as agents of political socialization. Many of these groups and individuals has helped me to gain a political opinion and an inside view of how we think the political system should work or be operated. Some of these agents may have a stronger influence on my political beliefs than others, but it varies for each individual. There are 3 main important political socialization includes family, schools,…show more content…
When I was little I used to go to the national election polls with my grandmother and when I did she used to always vote for a democrat. The mass media have a role in political socialization since it’s a displacement of my family and has been informing me in my early stages of my childhood but is using visual imagines and inquiry to do so. Overtime I started to watch the news and see what is going on locally and national which has helped me to form my views by analyzing a current event such as the presidential debate. My school has a role in political socialization because it’s prompting national patriotism and valuing the support of being a citizen. Every day after I have school in the morning we have to say the pledge of alliance which is showing me how to respect my country. Also in school, I’m surrounded by many different students with different beliefs, social class, race, and many other factors. The biggest influence for me would have to be the media because I always had an interest in gaining my own opinions about a current event. The media have influenced me to see things from many outlets due to the fact people are being more vocal about their opinions. This is very helpful because there has been events that involves people of my race being killed by police…show more content…
But if they are unconventional participating in actives they believe in, which can lead to violence, civil disobedience, and vandalism. I think that’s not expressing the first amendment rights because you’re breaking the law and doing things in a non-peaceful way. I would let any person write petitions, attend rallies, from groups, vote, and have protested if they are peaceful. I think that we as people are not free to a certain extend we are somewhat free to express ourselves on what we may feel is right or wrong. For example, some employees at Macdonald may feel that they are getting paid below minimum wage. Those people may start or join a work union to fight for the freedom to have higher paid. I feel like we should have freedom because the government is supposed to be for the rights of the people. But if the government complete control over us it would be more like martial law. But we do need order to because if we don’t as a citizen would not be safe when it comes to terrorism. If the government is not ordered to check people who seems to be suspicious then we would likely have another terrorist attack. I think we should have both freedom and equality because freedom is a way for people to express their beliefs or to do things freely. I think that people should have

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