Stereotypes In The Movie Crash

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We all play many different types of roles, causing us to be perceived and act slightly differently towards everyone dependent upon what is expected of us in a given situation. The movie Crash demonstrates this truth well, depicting many characters and how their lives are all interconnected, as our’s are. This film shows people of many differing socio-economic, racial, and cultural backgrounds, and how they see each other and the world around them. Culture and cultural diversity are key components of Crash. Culture can be defined in our text as the following: a complex system of meaning and behavior that defines a way of life for a given group in society. The particular cultures influencing the many characters throughout Crash are demonstrated by depicting the world that each character lives in. Also, the characters’ attitudes and responses to events also help us to understand how each individuals culture has shaped and molded them as people. Let us…show more content…
There isn’t a character who is totally unbiased or non-discriminatory, and there also aren't any characters who are shown to be fully cruel or inhumane. Crash depicts that all have biases and believe certain stereotypes that we have acquired though socialization. The way we are socialized throughout our lives plays a huge part in what are biases will be and stereotypes we believe. Dependent upon the socialization agents surrounding you, you are bound to have different biases than others. This is shown in Crash when Anthony played by Ludacris, who is the social commentator in this film, is speaking to his friend about all the stereotypes people ,even black women, believe about them like they do not tip and they are bums and thugs. Another instance in which stereotyping occurs, is when Farhad the store owner played by Shaun Toub goes to buy a gun. He is accused of being a Muslim terrorist solely, because he looks like he's from the

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