Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Essay

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Film is not the reality. Film is a representation of reality even though it looks real. The representation is used to achieve some particular purposes for audience through some segments based on the age, social status, and gender of the audience. Film looks real to some audiences because it (re)constructs the bits about someone into another person in the film by selection, framing, and combination. Film is a sender of communication and it is about how the message is created. Film is a visualization of words. Short films visualize words with one conflict. Sometimes, film is also based on a novel or short story that somehow gives a different perspective and impression when it is made into a film. “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” by Ang Lee is a 115 minute film that portrays martial arts heroines who seeks knowledge from a humble master. This film is based on a martial arts novel by Wang Du Lu and featured with international casts, including Choi Yun Fat, Michelle Yeoh, and Zhang Ziyi. The story begins when a male martial arts hero, Li Mu Bai, (Choi Yun Fat) decides to retire of being a martial arts hero…show more content…
The Green Destiny sword is a symbol of power. In ancient Chinese tradition, the system privileges men over women which is why the sword belongs to men only, no women are allowed to own a sword. A sword is made of steel and other components which make a sword weigh so much, therefore the sword is too powerful for women and they were underestimated for not being able to use a sword. In Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon film, Jen Yu is obsessed with the two feet nine inches long sword. She steals it, sleeps with it, and carries it wherever she goes. This signifies that women want to have power. Jen Yu is obsessed with power that men have, therefore she has to fight and acts as a rebel in order to earn the

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