Events Of Prohibition

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Another important event that took place during prohibition and was discussed in the document was the election of 1928 between the Republican candidate Herbert Hoover and Al Smith the Democratic nominee. This was a big election considering prohibition was starting to fall and Smith being a wet candidate many did not support him. In addition, the fact that he is Catholic, was an issue since the Protestants stated the fact that he might start taking orders from the Pope. It was said Catholic was an “alien race” and that it went against democracy and one’s freedom. The documentary mentions the democratic convention. This was said to be a 16 day battle between two Americas, one that is the Protestant rural America and the new diverse America. Many…show more content…
After the passing of the 18th Amendment things didn’t go as planned. Crime rate soared and many were breaking the law, as explained in the film. Eventually, more and more people starting opposing prohibition and a new political movement were formed against it. In order for a repeal, ratification by the state legislatures of three-fourths of the states were required. Even though that was supposed to be the case, congress went the other way with a different method. This one was through state conventions. The result of this was the 21st amendment being put into effect starting December 15th, 1933. However, there was still states that opposed this idea and made it a state law to prohibit alcohol. Such as, Missouri who didn’t have it legal until 1966. This shows how important this time period was in American…show more content…
Also, I admired how the film described the events of prohibition in great detail. In addition, I was shocked by the knowledge I gained from it. This was a topic that I knew little about, so after hearing what alcohol was doing to American lives surprised me. I didn’t realize how controlling it was. In addition, all of the topics it discussed, such as, the gangsters that were born during prohibition. After watching it, I realized how the average American person can make a difference. For example, Howard Hyde Russel. He stood up for what he believed in and made it happen. By being the founder of the Anti-Saloon League, he was able to be the change he wanted to see. Even though it didn’t last long Russel still showed all things are possible. Overall this film had a lasting effect on

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