Crime And Corruption Depicted In 'The Untouchables'

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The movie, “The Untouchables” was spectacular. It synchronized good versus evil, government versus organized crime, and virtue versus corruption. It appropriately displayed the clashing social lifestyles of the people living in the 1920s. A time when the Progressive Era was in full swing, attempting to bring social justice to economic and political life. An entire illegal industry was being fueled by the Prohibition laws that had been established in America in 1919. They prevented the manufacturing and sale of all alcohol. These laws made it seem as there were two major societies with opposing views living in the same country yet going down different roads of life; one road ethical and decent and the other immoral and dishonest. “The Untouchables”, was a great movie with great actors. It takes place in 1930 in the city of Chicago that is over-run by crime and corruption. Al Capone who is played by Robert DeNiro is the top dog of the mob and rules the city. He is running an illegal alcohol industry and attempts to bribe police and the city…show more content…
Progressive movements such as prohibition and others divided the country. Some people believed alcohol was the cause of all America’s social problems while others believed there was nothing wrong with having a little drink or two or maybe even three. The sales of alcohol, transportation, and breweries were a multi-million dollar business. These businesses gave organized crime leaders such as Al Capone the incentive to manipulate, bribe, and terrorize. Although alcohol was illegal some of the most honorable people or so we thought, such as government and city officials became involved in keeping the business established. The prohibition laws were supposed to protect American citizens, but it caused greater division, violence, and corruption throughout the country

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