Personal Narrative: All The World Is A Laboratory

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If, as author Martin H. Fischer wrote, "All the world is a laboratory, “ I expect I would spend hours trying to make even the simplest of solutions. A few months ago, I applied for an intern position in a neuroscience lab at a nearby university. I understood that if I were to work there, I would be expected to splice genes and assemble various reactions. I was prepared to face challenges such as calculating what chemicals to mix or which enzymes to use, but never once did I dream that the simple act of running a gel would end up being the source of my failure. As I began to gather ingredients for running my first gel, I tried to remember what one of the older staff members had relayed to me during my first week at the lab. It had sounded uncomplicated at first; I was to mix the ingredients together, pour the heated solution into a cast, wait a bit before loading the sample, and hit the "start" button on the machine. Easy enough. While I stirred various liquids and powder, I watched other lab employees conduct the same…show more content…
Rather than separate into clean, neat bands like those of my fellow lab members, my samples would congeal instead into uneven, disorderly clumps. As I walked to the closest laboratory waste bin to dispose discreetly of my poorly-made gels, now unusable, I tried to pinpoint the source of my failure. One would think that calculating an airplane’s lift and drag would be more challenging than calculating how many minutes to microwave a gel solution for, but the ease of such a simple laboratory task was not as apparent as I had initially thought. I had borne the burdens of high school Physics, committed ancient Roman literature to memory, and even overcome my fear of public speaking to deliver a speech in front of nearly two thousand people, yet I was unable to run a standard laboratory

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