1920s Film Essay

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1920s Theater/Film/Television In the 1920s a lot of events happened but, the important ones are woman having the right to vote, prohibition, and the invention of the 16mm. Something popular in the 1920s was theater and films, these events affected theater and films. It took over a hundred years for women to get the right to vote, prohibition got passed women and actors and actresses started drinking. The 16mm was invented, it changed the way people can watch and hear movies. The 1920s was a decade of change for women and prohibitions, also 16mm changed how we can see film. In the early 1920s women gained the right to vote after over a hundred years of trying to get suffrage. After gaining the right to vote it still take 60 years before all 50 states allowed women to vote(Mississippi being the last to pass the law). Women, before the got the right to vote, were denied some of the key rights enjoyed by male citizens such as married women couldn't own property and no legal rights to any money they may have or earned and no female the right to vote.Moral superiority had not carried over to the voting booth; the…show more content…
Now that's there is a new way to watch films they have to make ad for it. Part of a 1927 ad for the 16mm “Movies-real movie of people you know, children you love, places you go-are now easy to make and show right on your own silver screen(Wasson).” The 16mm affected Hollywood to make more films. The making of home and amateur movies was only one of a myriad ways in which a family of consumer film technologies interfaced with the middle class home(Wasson). The 16mm made the films also have sound, which William Fox was very happy about. William Fox a film producer, well served by his foray into Movietone sound and news, announced a talking machine for the home, “low in price and capable of being operated without

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