Personal Narrative: Death Of A Single Mother

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Your clock is ticking! Is a phrase that I’ve been forced to hear quite often lately. Unfortunately, 21 have passed me by a long time ago. Now being a 28 year old single mom, I have real life matters to deal with. My 6 year old little diva looks to me for EVERYTHING, and I want to be that ultimate provider. It’s very important to me that I model a positive, hard- working, educated woman. Who else would she look up to? Kim K! God forbid if something were to happen to me now, I would have failed as a parent leaving my child nothing to fall back on. So I decide at the most challenging time in my life to go back to college and to finish. It was senior year of high school, and a friend of mine got some really bad news. We were on our way to our next class when she got the call that her mother had suddenly died. Of course she was devastated. So much so the ambulance was called out. Because her mom was a single parent all 3 for her minor children had to live with their not much older sister. I watched her life dismantle before my eyes. Looking at a girl who had everything, but ended up with nothing due to the death of her parent made me aware of reality. My mom always told my sister and I that if anything were to happen to her we would be finically fine.…show more content…
I love everything about the hospitality industry from the front of the house to the back. Regrettably, I got side tracked by the instant gratification of making money. If only I would have taken the advice of my old professor; trying to talk me out of going on leave from school just to pick up a second job (no kids, no rent). “ Brittney if you don’t get your education and degree you will always be forced to work two jobs”. Due to immaturity I dismissed everything he said and did what I wanted to do. Now how I wish I had

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