Adolf Hitler's Narcissism

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By far, one of the most famous people in the history of mankind was Adolf Hitler. It is common knowledge that Hitler played a vital role in world affairs in the 20s and 30s of the last century. He was an Austrian-born German who rose to power at a time when Germany had very weak leadership and was in desperate need of something to take them out of the shame of losing world war 1. Adolf Hitler was by far of the most famous narcissists who was ever born. Adolf Hitler had participated in world war 1 as a soldier whereby he was injured during duty and received a medal for his bravery. After the war he was unable to find satisfactory employment and therefore, he joined the German Workers' party. After two years, in 1921, he became the leader of…show more content…
It is a condition that affects about one percent of the world's population with men more likely to fall victims to it. In the case of Adolf Hitler, his narcissism was, in a way, justified. he was known to be of intensely strong personality and had a somewhat hypnotic presence which made people give in to his presence. this, in turn, led to the fact that he developed a very high self esteem. he also believed that he was capable of doing almost anything and because of strong personality the people started to believe him. When Hitler was released from prison he gained much popular support by attacking all what the world believed in, like the treaty of Versailles, whereby Germany was not allowed complete freedom in building armies, trade and industries he therefore rejoined the political party and it was transformed, using his own initiative into the Nazi party. his extreme self confidence and good ideas led to him being appointed as a chancellor (leader of Germany). However, it was at this stage of his life and world events that his narcissism started to become a big

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