How Does C02 Affect Coral Reefs

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This lab was done to see how different factors, such as Calcium Carbonate and Inorganic C02, compare to each other and how they relate to the problem in coral reefs today. The hypothesis was, if the Inorganic Carbon levels decreased, then the Calcium Carbonate levels would have decreased as well. This hypothesis was shown to be correct. It is showed when both graphs appear to have trends that go down. That was the clearly an indication that the carbonate decreased with C02. In the data table for Inorganic Carbon it showed how the C02 levels went down from by 2umol/kg a year. It started at 2048umol/kg in 2005, and it continued on its direction and eventually went down to 2038umol/kg in 2010. In the data for Calcium Carbonate it showed how the

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