Ethnic Displacement In Pakistan

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Examine and document various ways that the social problem you have identified has been defined, including views that do not consider your social problem a “problem.” Cohen and Deng (1998a ) suggest that there are two distinctive features which pertain to IDPs: i) their movement is coerced or involuntary ii) the populations affected remain within their national borders. The difference between refugees and IDPs is an important distinction – the former crosses an international border (refugees) whereas the latter does not (Mooney, 2003b ). Displacement has many causes. Over 25 million people worldwide have been uprooted within their own country as a result of conflict and human rights violations in particular as consequence of civil war, inter-communal…show more content…
Ethnic cleansing in some states has displaced people however the case of Pakistan is relatively different. Displacement is a result of military operations against terrorists, terrorism being phenomena that has had debilitating effects on Pakistan economically, socially and internationally. Terrorism and counter terrorism has cost the country a lot in monetary terms and therefore to eliminate the threat militarization was necessary however the resulting displacement is of much concern to government due to many factors. Legally IDPs are citizens and therefore the government is liable to provide them services and environment necessary to reduce the negative implications of displacement both short-term and…show more content…
It is highly essential for the displaced to attain lifestyle beyond survival; the government is liable to provide sufficient growth opportunities for them. As the Guiding Principles underline, it is not the international community but national authorities that
“have the primary duty and responsibility to provide protection and humanitarian assistance to internally
displaced persons within their jurisdiction” (Principle 3(1

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