How Did The French Revolution Violated Its Own Motto

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Alexander Lopez Hendershot HST 102 11 April 2015 The French Revolution The French revolution alone is one of the most important events of western history. This revolution upset many things it got rid of the Catholic Church, Christianity and even nobility and even was able to get rid of the king (The French Revolution.) The French revolution eliminated any old ways the government used for functioning and left behind many new ideas which were beneficial since the intent was to start fresh as a nation and create a much more equal nation (The French Revolution). In this essay I will explore on how the French revolution violated its own motto of the revolution which was labeled Equality, Liberty, and Fraternity. To let it be known from the beginning I think the revolution failed miserably to fulfill with their own motto because of reason I will discuss in the paragraphs that follow.…show more content…
France found itself in the midst of a revolution like no other ranging from wars to killing and trials that riddled the nation along with this came a lot of unhappy people. The Declaration of the rights of man and the citizen was adopted by the National Assembly (Declaration of the Rights of Man - 1789). The revolutionaries renounced God and the declaration of rights of man and the citizen was enacted. The main point of the declaration was that the basic rights of individuals came from the government and not from God as it was previously thought to be (Declaration of the Rights of Man -

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