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2. Identify and explain various systems and sub-systems in your social work context. (9 points) Answer: When we see village as a whole system there are branches of subsystem which existed within itself. When we took the branches of the subsistence with intensive they exist as a main system related with one another in order to form a village as a whole system. Let’s see different subsystem that existed in the village. Area Area act as a boundaries for the system of the village. It is a part of system which help to carry out activities that and also give a platform for the individual to stay and also come together when system needed. Area for settlement, religion place, crematory, assembly, common property land, playground, commercial purpose etc. Area act as a place for the functioning structural in the system. When the people gather around in one specific area for the purpose on development for the village. It contribute a functional. Meanwhile when people gather around use the specific area for drinking alcohol and…show more content…
Every parents wanted the child to be educated in good school. As there is no proper school for poor children. As a fashion all the parents send their children to private school where the level of education is very less and not suitable for their future, the quality of the learning and education is low with compare to other school. Some of the poor family’s children went to Government school which are not properly organized. There is a big question about what they will do for the student who pass out higher education. When we look the total number of children getting educated and got graduated, it does not signifies the system functionality. The functionality of the student can be measure according to their contribution to the society either in the physical or invisible form. But the village does not have a proper school for the children so we can say that the system is dysfunction in this

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