The Impact Of Strategic Human Resource Management On Institutionalization Process

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Introduction and Purpose of the Paper: Strategic human resource management is used by human resource managers. They begin applying a strategic plan with management to achieve goals that will benefit the company in the future. The strategic plan involves multiple aspects of human resource manager duties. This includes recruitment, hiring, training, benefits, performance evaluations, pay, safety, and special employee programs. Everyone can be a human resource manager, but it takes specific skills if you want to be an effective strategic human resource manager. The human resource manager takes on a lot of responsibility, so they need to have good critical thinking capability by making decisions quickly and rationally. A human resource…show more content…
The additional focus outside of the traditional human resources role provides a full strategic plan to creating the most value over the career of the employee and the life of the company. The strategic human resource manager is ready for changes and effectively makes the company adapt. Companies that run without strategic human resource management I believe are lacking a competitive advantage. These companies have human resource departments that have the newest technologies and lower numbers when it comes to productivity and employee hiring and retention. The first article I read was called, “The Impact of Strategic Human Resource Management On Institutionalization Process”. This article showed me the impact of having a strategic human resource manager and causes and effects of them as well. It provided a study with multiple companies producing same results. A good human resource manager is strategic when they establish good practices within a company. This can result in productivity and success. Human resource managers use the company’s mission and goals to fill the gaps in employees or policies. One of the gaps could be unhappy…show more content…
Some examples of this would be statistics on all work roles. There could be a need to move employees around. Stats on stakeholder opinions about the company would be beneficial because they have been the ones to keep the company going. The human resource department works with the employees daily as well, so their input would show where the department needs improvement. Human resource managers need to know what areas are critical for the business strategic plan and work with them first. This will result in the company human resource processes and policies changing. This should be done every year with the internal human resource department. I believe there are a lot of companies that have a human resource department that still uses paper forms when they could easily use the electronic

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