The Glass Menagerie Analysis

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A formal letter from Tennessee Williams to a theater director about his play the glass menagerie Rationale The following task will be written in a formal letter format. The writer will be Tennessee Williams and he will propose to Wendell Mayfield for him to direct his play along Mayfield’s crew. Tennessee Williams will refer to the theatrical techniques in his play. The task is also related to the play studied in class because it takes the themes studied, and develops them through a formal letter proposing the direction of Tennessee Williams play The Glass Menagerie . The nature of the task will develop creative ideas to create a new message. This task will focus on Tennessee Williams's formal letter to propose Wendell Mayfield to reproduce…show more content…
Blue roses are nonexistent flowers which are used in poetry to represent uniqueness, a perfect symbol for Laura. Undeniably, Amanda is a woman that regrets the choices she made in her life, and it has led her to her current state, failure, and the loss of hope. However, Amanda sells a picture that shows the complete opposite of who she really is, and her children are accounted for this as well. At an early age, Amanda was this successful and wealthy woman that had relationships to more men in one day, than what a normal woman would have in her lifetime. But in the end, her living paradise came to an end. She ended up in an apartment, depending on her son’s income to live, and with broken dreams. But in her mind, she still believes that she is wealthy. So Amanda symbolises a woman that had many chances of success but all vanished. Secondly, an image in the center of the set was always present in the play. That image changed every new scene. This image was used to show the significance of the conversation or the thought of one of the characters. Physically, there was a portrait of the father who left too long ago for Laura and Tom, the other son to remember him. The father was dressed…show more content…
This Daumier print was developed by the nineteenth-century French artist, which refers to the artist’s workers. But ironically, when Amanda’s lighted face had many wrinkles and imperfections, the song Ave Maria was playing. This song is pure because it refers to the Virgin Mary the mother of Jesus. Also toward the end of the play when Amanda was wearing her yellow frock from her Blue Mountain days, harsh lighting was used to show Amanda’s cruelty because it was ironic that the dinner they were going to have with Laura’s ‘future husband’ she was dressed this nice even though the point of the dinner was for Laura to get a husband to step out of her comfort zone and become a grown woman, which has been Amanda’s dream for so long. So at the end of the day, lighting was very important because it makes the audience hate Amanda because of her selfishness. All in all, there are countless dramatic techniques in The Glass Menagerie which took years of mine to develop, and if you ever accept my proposal, I will be delighted to work with you to recreate and arrange The Glass Menagerie in an even more meaningful way with your help to create discussion. Kind

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