The Dallit Dalits

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Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar was a great modern social thinker, a born fighter, a famous advocate and a humanist. Dr. Ambedkar took a leading role in promoting the welfare of the dalits and in elevating their status. He took many steps to reform the ways of the dalits. He fought against many of the injustices done to the untouchables by establishing a political party and a couple of organisations for the untouchables. He had made a detailed study of the problem of untouchability, its origin, development etc. He had made it clear that his main aim in life was to remove the practice of untouchability and to take the so-called “untouchable community” towards socio-economic equality and justice. Through his social-movement he wanted to instil in the minds…show more content…
He gave a vision that even the ideologies are bound by tenet of impermanence and nobody should claim their validity beyond their times. His thought and action was for ending all kinds of exploitation. The term Dalit was used prominently in 1973, 17 years after the death of Dr. Ambedkar. The Dalit Panthers used the term “dalit” in its manifesto. The Dalit Panthers had used the term in much braoder sense where they included in it the scheduled castes, tribes, other backward castes or classes, minorities, women and economically poor of other castes and communities and to some of his vigorous strives made for generating a considerable amount of socio-political consciousness among them (Nandu Ram, 1995). The untouchables or dalits have lived in India since centuries together. According to the thesis of Ambedkar the untouchables and untouchability originated in India after 2nd Century A.D. especially after Manu-the Hindu Lawgiver- wrote his Smriti. But the notion of untouchability was attached to tehm much later sometimes in 4th Century A.D. when the Dharamshastras proscribed the inter caste relations and prescribed more stringent rules and practices…show more content…
However, Ambedkar represent one of the towering names who not only represented them as their leader but also gave them their significant position both politically and constitutionally. He joined Baroda State Service after returning from studies in US and UK as part of his scholarship agreement. He worked as Secretary in the Defence Office of Maharaja of Baroda State but he faced insults while at work due to his low caste origin. At times, even peons hurled files on him and water was not served during official functions. At officer club, he was made to sit in the corner and he found difficulties in getting rented accommodation. He was evacuated from a rented house and he had to spend day in public garden from where he left for Bombay. Such incidents guided andignited Ambedkar to work for protection of dalit rights and upliftment of dalits. In 1924, he started legal practice in Bombay and founded Bahishkrit Hitkarni Sabha (Depressed lass Institute) for dalit upliftment. He roused dalit consciousness to fight for the eradication of dalit discrimination; to claim equality of treatment, status and opportunity; to enjoy equally all rights and to respect dignity of the persons. He became a crusader for the rights of dalits in

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