Difference Between Scientific Management And Contingency Perspective Of Management

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Introduction: The topic of Scientific Management and the Contingency Perspective of Management, in my opinion, is a very interesting topic to explore within the world of business. Both are methods of the process of management and are key to helping an organisation understand how to function successfully. Scientific management being one of the earliest experiments of applying science to the management process while the Contingency perspective basically dictates that there shouldn’t be only one method of management, that management is situational. Because of the contrasting styles of both I found this to be a very intriguing title to explore. For this reason I have chosen this topic as my essay of choice. Throughout this essay I plan to compare…show more content…
Taylor is the founder of the scientific management method. Taylor Publish a book in 1911 titled “The Principles of Scientific Management”. This basically explored Taylor’s views of Scientific Management. Firstly the main goal of Management should be to secure the utmost prosperity for the employer, coupled with the utmost prosperity for each worker. (Taylor, 1911). Scientific Management, which is based under the classical perspective of management, is defined as the method of science applied to the observation and result of managerial decision issues. Taylor outlined the following 4 key principles that established Scientific Management. (Jones,…show more content…
Although both seek the most efficient method of management, they differ in their methods. As previously stated Scientific Management dictates one style suits all while the Contingency Perspective suppose the notion that each organisation requires management based on company circumstance. Neither method is definitively better than the other. Both are beneficial, depending on the organisation. A good example of this can be seen in “Management: Challenges for Tomorrow's Leaders” (Lewis et al, 2006). The authors of this book determine that different management styles would be needed for a medical research team trying to cure aids than a group of teens in a fast food restaurant. The method of scientific management may suit a group of teens who require a “classical and authoritative style”. The principles would certainly be an efficient guideline to perform each task, and to go wayward from this approach should not be accepted. It is not a teenagers job to, lets say, come up with a tastier Big Mac. Whereas in comparison to the research team, you could not restrict a group faced with a difficult task like curing aids to a set way. They are facing an unstructured venture because obviously no one else has cured aids so there is not a set approach to doing so. Therefore it is most efficient if the team is allowed the freedom to explore various solutions, analyse different

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