Behaviourism In Education Essay

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1. Explain in your own words what is meant by the ‘behaviourism’ to learning. Behaviourism is a broad phenomenon which studies human beings' behaviour through observation under certain conditions and stimulus. Behaviourism to learning refers to how this approach is linked or identified in human beings behaviour when they are in educational field or learning environment. Therefore, in the learning environment, if the students are fully engaged with studies through different motivating or interesting activities they will ultimately be involved in studies and outcome of the learning will be a success. As a result, if the students' behaviour are modified or their character is moulded in such a way that they feel…show more content…
In assertive discipline, students are not lost in any grey matter (confused situation). The rules are black and white. This shapes a students’ behaviour and lets them choose whether they want to cross the line or not. Developmental psychology, Assignment – 01 2015 4 MOHAMED SHIFAAU, ID: 5789 3. Provide two criticisms of the behaviourism in education. Although so many theorists are in favour of behavioural theory, there are certain critics who are arguing against the theory. Many critical analysis say that behaviourism is a one dimensional approach to understanding human behaviour (Nayak, 1998). Two of the major criticisms include, 1. Inability to explain the development of human language Nayak (1998), argued Skinner that, the associations of public and private events can often be misinterpreted. This means if a student or child who is shy in nature, he or she may be hesitant to talk in front of a group or audience or even in the classroom too. But the fact is that he or she may be very talkative at home or with relatives or even with the family and neighbours. However, skinner claimed that as long as there are some sort of public

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