Informative Essay: The Salem Witch Trials

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Salem Witch Trials A woman enters her employee’s bedroom with a tray carrying a teapot, a tea cup and a chocolate chip cookie. She stands at the end of her employee’s desk while he finishes his letter to his distant wife. When he notices her he smiles, and she sets down the cup and pours the tea, with the cookie at the side. A week later, he is found with a rare case of smallpox. A week later the servant has been accused of witchery. A day later, she is executed. The salem witch trials were a heartbreaking time of events because of the hundreds of accusations, betrayal of friends and family, and the executions of the innocent. The terrible Salem Witch trials began with the hundreds of accusations going on in the Salem Village. One day 9 year old Elizabeth, and 11 year old Abigail Williams had began to have wild and uncontrollable tantrums. They screamed and had violent contortions. When their doctor examined them, they were declared as “bewitched.” Soon after, they…show more content…
Nineteen men and women were killed on Gallows Hill in Salem Massachusetts. Giles Corey, an elderly man was killed for refusing to confess to witchery (“Salem Witchcraft Trials”). Though he was not the only innocent killed. Rebecca Nurse was also an elder. When in trial, her accusers started to fake pain and began to have contortions, making her guilty and causing her to be executed (“Salem Witchcraft Trials”). Some people were spared but not very often. For example, mothers who were pregnant were either a) spared or b) held in jail until birth (). Ann Pudeator, a mother of six was accused of torturing a young girl with a voodoo doll. She was killed quickly after her trial. Martha Carrier who was also executed, said before her death, “It is a shameful thing that you should mind these folks that are out of their wits.” Carrier was right, the Salem Witch trials were a terrible occurrence of events with blind-sighted

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