Serena Nanda's Arranging A Marriage In India

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For centuries humans all over the world have participated in the tradition of arranged marriages. This practice has led to stronger and longer lasting marriages that leave the betrothed and their families satisfied. The film Monsoon Wedding is a great example of how a successful arranged marriage can be. It is about two well-off Indian families coming together for the wedding of Aditi and Hemant Rai. The movie follows the traditional festivities and events of the days leading up to the wedding and the ceremony. There are people in the world that don’t agree with it but there are many benefits of this system. In the selection “Arranging a Marriage in India, author Serena Nanda explains the art of choosing a suitable wife or husband for a son or daughter. She has observes this process through her friendship with an Indian…show more content…
The process doesn’t last long in finding a bride or groom a proper candid to marry and within days they are married and moving on with their lives. In “Arranging a Marriage in India” Nanda’s friend, Sita, explains how convenient love matches are compared to modern dating saying “One hears that in America the girls are spending more time worrying about whether they will meet a man and het married. Here we have the chance to enjoy our life and let our parents do this work and worry for us”. (Nanda, 549) In the film Aditi’s family didn’t have an urgency of having to marry daughters off because she was their own daughter. The marriage was more beneficial for Hemant Rai’s family because they gained a daughter who could help take care of children or the elderly members of their family. It also lacks the guessing of whether the relationship will last and result in marriage that modern dating includes. This means less time is wasted for both parties also they and their families will be able to reap the benefits of the marriage

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