D1 Unit 1 Business Essay

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D1- Evaluate the influence different stakeholders exert in one organisation Every business organisation around the world has different types of stakeholder; these are groups or individuals that have an impact on the business or are impacted by the business. The amount of stakeholder of a business varies depending on the type of business as does their importance and influence also. An organisation such as organisation such as Mercedes has far more stakeholders than a family business; therefore it is much more influenced and affected by the aims and objectives of its stakeholders. In this assignment I will try and evaluate the influence of three stakeholders; Employers, suppliers and customers on Mercedes. Employees The employees are very influential stakeholder of Mercedes and they are probably the most important for the running of the business.…show more content…
The employee’s satisfaction and performance depends on the way human resources are managed in the company. The employee’s main interest is salaries; wages and job satisfaction. They all influence the company staff turnover. Mercedes have to take in account a lot of factors when they employ staff and also when they are managing their existing staff. The employees can also affect and influence in many different ways and with many different reasons; employee performance, training and also the redundancy. Since employees are one of the most important stakeholder and are the human resources for the company their attitude and performance highly affects Mercedes. If the employees are not happy and agreeable with the wages they receive to they are not happy with the working environment then their product and the service they apply will not be to good quality and this will result in poor

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