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Did you know that the Native Amazonians have been living in the Amazon Rainforest for about 12,000 years? They were know as the Indigenous people. Now, I am going to tell you guys about how the Native Amazonians used the rainforest. They hunt and fish for themselves to feed their own families. The Native Amazonians want to preserve the rainforest because they live there with their families. The rainforest is there home. The Native Amazonians are just trying to save their homes. So I say we should try and save the Amazon Rainforest. The Amazon Rainforest is the largest Rainforest in the world. If we cut down all the trees in there we will lose a lot of our resources. The arrival of many newcomers has hurt the Native Amazonians. there were about 10 million of Amazonians living in the rainforest. In the 21 first century we increased the amount of trees being cut down from the rainforest by at least 50%. 137 types of trees are disappearing every second worldwide. The Native Amazonians preserve the rainforest because they use the rainforests stuff really carefully. They use the vegetation over there for medicine, food, and materials. The Amazonians use the rainforest for good stuff. They use it well enough to keep their families alive. Amazonians today are still fighting to save parts of the…show more content…
They are even growing plants in there for the plants to grow and use. They are doing it because they are the best example of sustainable use for the Amazon Rainforest. Amazonians are fighting to stay in the rainforest because they need the resources from the rainforest just as much as we do. The Amazonians have the right to preserve the forest because they are the best example of saving the rainforest. Since we are cutting down the rainforest the Amazonians have to develop new techniques to survive and new strategies to stay in the rain

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