Essay On The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian

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The thing about alcohol is that all your problems break away from you, but it is left to your loved ones to pick up the pieces. In Sherman Alexie’s novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, all of the deaths that occurred in Arnold’s life have been due to alcoholism. Arnold has been through a lot of things due to alcoholism, such as a drunk driver hitting his grandma, his father spending almost all of their money to get drunk, and his sister being so drunk that her own house burned down with out her even knowing, with you in it. Alcoholism is one of the main walls that have gotten in the way of Junior living with his loved ones and getting their support. Arnold has always been close to the ones he loves under any circumstances that may occur, and they have been and always will be there for him. His grandmother was a loving, and caring person who had been a saint of the Spokane Indians and huge role model to Arnold. Grandmother Spirit was a person…show more content…
Family is so close that one thing someone does, could affect everyone in it. As an example, Arnold’s father, and sometimes his mother. As they are both alcoholics, they do support Arnold in everything and every decision he makes toward his future. But Mr. Spirit is not responsible when Christmas time rolls around each year by taking almost all of the money the family has and getting drunk for a week during Christmas: “When the holidays rolled around, we didn’t have any money for presents, so dad did what he always does when we don’t have enough money. He took what little money we did have and ran away to get drunk.” (150). When he returned home though, he always thought of Arnold, and gave him a left over five dollars. The reoccurring actions that Mr. Spirit takes by drinking affect the entire family even though he is just drunk in the night with the special five dollars he saved just for
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