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American society is not to blame for insular poverty in our nation because the United States is known as being “The Land of Opportunity,” if a man from the slums has the willpower to get out of the ghetto he can because there are endless opportunities for him in this great country. In the passage “The position of Poverty” by John Kenneth Galbraith he voices his extremely close-minded opinion on poverty in the United States. Galbraith wishes to live in a perfect world where poverty can be completely erased, he believes that insular poverty can only be mended by taking money from the wealthy and giving it to poverty stricken slums outside of major cities, he constantly is fixated on looking at poverty as a whole and not on the level of an individual…show more content…
“People are poverty-stricken when their income, even if adequate for survival, falls radically behind that of the community,” just because someone does not make as much money as the average american and is dissatisfied with the point in life they are in does not mean that all other Americans should drop everything they are doing and give to that man (407). Galbraith says that “The limiting factor is not a lack of knowledge... Overwhelmingly, it is a shortage of money,” however, that is not the case in the slightest (411). Galbraith threw a bunch of opinions out there in his book and expects to change the world with it. Poverty cannot be fixed by giving the needy more money then they have ever imagined, poverty can only be solved by everyone working together and raising the standard of living in the slums of large cities. “The restraints that confine people to the ghetto are those that result from insufficient investment in the public sector.” (412). Although this quote seems wise at face value it is completely incorrect, investment to the public sectors will not do anything for the people living in poverty because they would no longer be able to afford to live in these places that have been so drastically

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