Society's Perception Of Women During The Renaissance

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The Renaissance looked back on Roman and Greek culture, had increased trade, and focused mainly on art and culture. A woman during this time had specific duties that William Shakespeare confronted through the use of literature. The “Sonnets” William Shakespeare wrote show society’s perception on women versus society’s perception of women. With more women becoming literate came more understanding. William Shakespeare was then able to challenge social normality. Shakespeare’s thoughts on the standards and roles of women caused thought provocation for all of society. Women’s roles were stagnant, but the Renaissance was a time of queens’ rule. A total of 117 years of the Tudor dynasty. Every queen that rules wanted self-preservation. She did not care for the female condition. Most of these queens were wanted dead by the next successor or by society. Each of them ruled as anomalies instead of teaming up with other women they protected themselves from them. Therefore as the women’s power rose the women’s power also diminished. He shed light onto the diminishing roles of women during the Renaissance through the use of literature.…show more content…
Standards of beauty “That every tongue says beauty should look so.” were drastic and unattainable for many classes of women (127.14). Society created the fashion and standards of the time and women participated in it because it would find them a spouse. Women became looked down upon for how they looked. Shakespeare goes against this idea of saying all women are beautiful not because of the new trend, but because of her natural beauty and mind. The submissiveness of women showed through with the changing of times and proved that men believed women were an item to look at. Shakespeare believes that a woman in her natural appearance is incomparably beautiful to the standard of

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