Why Do Jaguar Are Endangered

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Only 15,000 jaguars remain in the wild today and the jaguars are a near-threatened species, according to the IUCN Red list. These number of these beautiful and majestic creatures have decreased rapidly in the 1900's, due to threats caused by humans. Foundations in our generation have managed to increase the population of jaguars, not to the number of jaguars there were at the beginning, but managed to save many of their kind. Human threats are the main cause of this issue. Jaguars are solitary and territorial animals, roaming the deciduous forests, rainforests, and grasslands. They live mainly in South America, but can also live in Africa or Asia. Jaguars prefer areas with flowing water, as they are vigorous swimmers. They use the water for camouflage, when no bushes are around, to hunt for food. Unfortunately for the jaguar, it rarely catches animals due to the "alarm calls." This is when monkeys and birds make noise to warn the prey when a predator is closeby, causing the prey to flee. When it does capture an animal, it uses it's powerful, razor-sharp canines to kill the prey.…show more content…
People are cutting down trees from the habitat of jaguars, which not only hurts the jaguar, but kills all the insects/animals living in that tree. Companies use it to build houses, products, and utensils. Even villagers are a part of the deforestation to sell the wood and fruits for money. The main reason is because of poaching. Jaguars are illegally hunted for their valuable fur, exporting it to different countries for money. Around 18,000 jaguars were trapped, hunted, or shot each year from the 1960's to the 1970's. Hunting jaguars is also considered a sport. In most countries, hunting jaguars as a sport is now banned. The only country where people are allowed to hunt for a sport is Mexico, but only with an authorized license. Nowadays, the amount of sport hunting has decreased compared to back

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