Catherine's Palace, Beauty, Beauty, Extravagance And Power Of Imperial Russia

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Catherine’s Palace is located just south of St. Petersburg, Russia; it shows the beauty, wealth, extravagance, and power of Imperial Russia. The palace is Russia’s own Versailles. The palace itself shows its uniqueness by the use of its many different colors, the gold accents, and its grand pillars which are scattered throughout the entire palace exterior. One of the most breathtaking views of the palace is standing in front of the entrance because it shows how close one is to royalty, but it makes one feel like they are insignificant when compared to the extravagance of the palace. The architect who designed Catherine’s Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia was trying to create a palace that intimidated the people, represented the nobles of Russia, and impressed other European nations. The architect specifically designed Catherine Palace to show the power and wealth of Russia; however, he achieved even more than that because he was able to make the Palace into its own political weapon. The architect achieved even more of what he and Empress Elizabeth wanted because not only does the large and lengthy palace intimidate people, but it also conveys the beauty, wealth, order, and…show more content…
The gold-trimmed walls and extravagant artworks displayed all add to the effect. The palace was built with over 100 kilograms of gold; common people all throughout the world could never even dream of such wealth, let alone using it to artistically build a palace. The use of the gold, commissioned fanciful artworks, porcelain stoves, and impressively designed wood and stone floorings make the palace seem even more beautiful, glamorous, and wealthy. All of these additions make the palace all the more intimidating for common-folk and foreign ambassadors who would have visited the palace during the reigns of Empress Elizabeth and Empress

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