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Relationships are always progressing and never stable at any point in life. For example, relationships can be like a roller coaster, you never know which way relationships can end up. Relationships of all types can vary such as sibling relationships, couples, parent to child, and many more that can show any sort of relation to an individual. There are many factors that can help with maintaining a successful relationships. Five characteristics that can primarily take a role in any relationship to be successful would be dialogue,acceptance,self disclosure,recognition, and rituals. Every individual communicates through dialogue; however, dialogue is a complex subject that can result in a conversation with interacting and speaking with two or more individuals in a group. Dialogue is a main source of communication. It can show this connection between the individuals or how the relationship can be in a process (Galvin 117). An example where I have specifically used one word answers is to my mother when I do prefer lengthy conversations. But also used dialogue that shows I have a successful relationship with my mother by saying "I love you" every so often.There are instances where my…show more content…
This is not an issue in my family as much, but I have observed it in other families. I have noticed that in my best friend's family because she is the middle child, she is not often recognized. From what I have observed in my family throughout the years(, comma for complex sent) we show plenty of unique ways to recognize each other. One way that recognition is in effect in families is using touch and direct eye contact (Galvin 117). For instance, plays a role in my family because even though I do not live with a lot of members in my household, recognition is significant in my family because we communicate on a daily basis. Each day, even a simple "hello" makes a significant difference in my

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