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The Biography of Annie John I have recently just finished the book Annie John by Jamaica Kincaid. The story is about a ten year of girl names Annie John who lives in the city on an island of Antigua. While she is only still ten, Annie becomes obsessed with death after living near a cemetery for the summer. Later that summer Annie returns back to her home city and is still obsessed with death, she then starts going to funerals to see the once living and watch their family and friends mourn. One day Annie learns that a girl she once attended school with, the “hunchbacked girl” dies. Later that day she rushed to the funeral of the hunchbacked girl and views her dead body with such excitement. Because of her obsession with death and the fact that she went straight home from school to the hunchbacked girl’s funeral she forgets to do what the living tell her. Earlier that day Annie’s mom had asked her to stop by the market to pick up fish for dinner, but when she returns home empty handed for must tell a lie to…show more content…
One day during a history, Annie gets bored, she knows the material and begins to read ahead of the class in her book. She finds out Christopher Columbus was thrown in prison later in his life for having disrespecting the Queen. "What just deserts, I thought, for I did not like Columbus. How I loved this picture—to see the usually triumphant Columbus, brought so low, seated by the bottom of the boat watching things go by." Annie sees a picture of him and writes "The Great Man Can No Longer Move," under the picture. She then remember that was the same phrase her father used to describe her grandfather. Her teacher Miss Edward begins to notice her troublesome behavior and scolds her for it. Annie is then sent to the principal, the principal takes the prefect position away from her. She orders Annie to copy Book I and Book II of Milton's Paradise

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