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Hair transplantation is a way of transforming hair of part of a body to another one. It basically avoids baldness of the human. It is usually done for the males to avoid baldness in them. 99% of the boldness happens in males only. In the hair transplantation human follicles that is a part of body or the organ which produces the skin. It is also called as Mammalian skin organ. Hair transplantation is mostly done on the head of males loses his hair which is present on his head. But hair transplantation also can be used for to replace or to restore hairs of eye lashes, chest hair, and pubic hair or to hide scars anywhere present on the body which were caused by accident. Before hair transplantation we need to be aware of these 2 following points. •…show more content…
They are • Strip harvesting • Follicular Unit extraction Let us study each one of them one by one. STRIP HARVESTING Strip harvesting is most widely used and mostly adopted by all the surgeons. In strip harvesting hair and follicles will be removed without much pain and scar from the donor site and harvests in the required area where the hair is less. Hair from the Donor site will be removed by small tiny lancet which is very sharp. It comes in single sided or double sided. Surgeon needs to be very careful while removing hair from the donor site as removing hair from the donor site needs to be planned well. Though every removal of hair tissue will be planned and done carefully. After the removal of hair and follicles we need to close or make sure that the wound on the donor site gets proper attention and it is stitched. Once the hair is taken out from the donor area it needs to be harvested in desired area. To insert them in the desired area surgeon needs to puncture the skin wherever required using very minute needles like lancet. Then the grafts will be inserted and it is stitched properly to avoid infections. It usually takes about two to three weeks after the surgery to

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