Hinduism Vs Christianity Research Paper

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Hinduism and Christianity have varying perspectives, but at the same time they have certain homogeneous features. These resemblances and modifications will be inspected, focussing principally on both religions view on; life after death and on war and suffering, in this essay. In integration how these notions affect people live their lives. Christianity is a modern and categorically more immensely colossal religion, however, Hinduism have a more organised and detailed way of living. It will be resolute how each of these religions have effect on their own society. Hinduism and Christianity both display varying opinions the after-life. Hinduism believes in the revival and reincarnation of a soul. In Hinduism unless the soul is liberated into nirvana (the amount of someone’s Karma in this and preceding state of presence, observed as determining their destiny in upcoming existences), neither life nor after life is everlasting. Each life understanding and each incarnation the soul is presented an opportunity to overcome and learn from the errors so that the soul can be liberated. The soul is recreated over and over until it scopes nirvana. It is trusted that when a person dies the soul discharges the body through the head and leaves to an altered world, then returns again.…show more content…
Christians trust Jesus to be the anointed one and that he died for theirs sins, opening the gates of heaven for when the time comes for them to accompany him. Unambiguously, Jesus is taken to be the son of God personified, whose teachings, death and suffering were meant to liberate mankind of its original sin and make possible redemption and everlasting life after in heaven or hell, dependent on one’s life

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