Essay On Quality Of Society

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One might ask themselves what kind of quality could be essential to one’s success in society, or how to simply avoid all the problems occurring inside them. I can only come and consider a quality quite contradicting of the word society which is basically a group of people who live together in a specific area. As years have passed many cultures have been exposed to other cultures, in which one starts adopting traditions from a country where you share no type of connection to. To my point of view this could have all been stopped if people just didn’t submit to the customs of others. What I intend to say is that society is key, I agree, but I’m obliged to believe that society has gone far beyond our control. We’ve let people from foreign continents…show more content…
New problems of different magnitudes would arise being differentiated from those of the modern day. Some problems could perhaps be a decrease of cultural exchange, suspension of airlines, commercial abolishment between countries, pretty much anything you could imagine being a social interaction between other countries. Even in the case of new problems present one could deal with them and develop a working society once you get the hang of things to the point in which those problems cease to exist or rather stop being needed. What is the point of that? Well a country could achieve their own independence by their own means and be able to be self sufficient rather than depending on others for trade or goods. However, some may consider love, respect, industriousness, honesty, and more to be required for a working and growing society. Sure they can be required qualities, but they can’t really work without one another, because they are interdependent and rely on many of them together in order to function melodiously. Nowadays it’s pretty much impossible to live in a perfect society as there is little room for perfection and plenty of room for error or mistakes. We’ve done
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