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Gases mixture There are four states of matter that are observable in every day of life (Plasma, Liquid, Gas and Solid). Gas is made up of many individual atoms (noble gas and natural gases), element molecule they made from one single type of atom (Oxygen), or a compound of molecules that made from a variety of atoms (carbon dioxide). The word mixture in chemistry means that a type of material that made up of three or more different substances that are mixed but are not combined chemically. The gas mixture can contain a variety of pure gases much like the air that we breathe. The air of the earth is an example of a mixture of many gases, it contains nitrogen (78.09%) and oxygen (20.95%), a smaller amount of argon (0.93%), water vapor (4%), carbon dioxide (0.03%) and small amounts of other gases. (Pidwirny, 2006). Gas mixture has a law shown as ideal gas law which is : PV= nRmT P = is the pressure in the mixture, V = is the mixture volume, n = is the moles of the mixture, R = is a individual gas constant of mixture, and T = is the temperature in the mixture. The most abundant gas in the atmosphere by volume is nitrogen and oxygen. These two gases form 99% of the dry air. Nitrogen is taken from the air to the earth by specialized bacteria that catch the nitrogen from the atmosphere. It returned to the air by…show more content…
For example, food gas mixtures are made to avoid the packaged food deterioration, by change the air in the package with useful gas mixture. Also, various gas mixtures are made to use it for improving the properties of different drinks, such as improving wine to soft drinks or beer. Moreover, gases mixture is used in manufacturing. For example, it used in cutting laser processing, and cutting. Gases mixtures sometimes mixed continuously on site from pure gases, and sometimes they are produced in a range of packages

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