The Importance Of Wind Power

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Earth is the planet which billions of human beings and living creatures call home. As humans we have our daily necessities and things that help us to survive. Earthly elements and natural forces are sources of these necessities. What most people living on this earth don’t realize is that the electricity powered by a variety of reliable and unreliable sources help sustain life to 7.422 billion people. What gets you from point A to point B? What powers our homes? Electricity and energy are a major use in each and every human beings life. Through our time on Earth, remarkable humans and geniuses of past generations have produced ways to convert these earthy elements to create energy and give us power. There are many ways to convert natural occurrences to energy, such as coal. Coal is a rock, and when it is burnt it can be transformed into energy or even grinded into a confined powder to then be boiled and create steam which then spins a turbine to transport electricity to your home. Right next to coal…show more content…
All though the wind is inconsistent there is always a breeze and the wind turbines can always generate electricity. Wind turbines are seen on flat lands usually next to the freeway and they are a very basic way of obtaining energy. When wind turns the turbine the, turbine spins and generates electricity which is spit out into power lines and straight to your home. I think that Wind power is the most beneficial energy because it’s cheap and very clean and the power is free. Unlike any other energies the only cost of wind energy is to put up wind turbines or wind tunnels and then your power is completely free to generate. Along with wind being a renewable resource. Wind turbines are responsible for 4% of the USA’s power. Wind power is a reliable and amazing powersource that will charge our lives for generations to come. I believe that wind power is very efficient and one of the best energy sources that will sustain life on

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