The Pros And Cons Of Civilism In South Africa

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In 1756, soon after the Dutch settlers arrived in South Africa, they imported slaves from West Africa, Malaysia, and India, in order to establish their supremacy of whites over non-whites in that area. The white Dutch farmers, also known as Boers, were armed with shotguns as they made their way across land occupied by the Khoi and Bantu people, in order to seize this land, which was used for cattle and animal grazing. Without land, the tribes had no other choice but to work as domestic workers on the farms now owned by the Boer, to support themselves and their families. British missionaries arrived in the 1810s and questioned the racist practises of the Boers, urging them to treat the Africans more fairly. The Boers justified their practises in the…show more content…
This political party was introduced to fight for the civil rights of black workers. In the1920s the black people were being fired from their jobs in order for their jobs be given to whites, the main form of employment for them became domestic work in pre-apartheid, this continued during apartheid, and even now, 94 years later most domestic workers are black people. By 1939, less than 30% of black people were receiving a proper education, which meant that many non-whites did not have the necessary skills to work at high earning jobs, and therefore ultimately partaking in low income jobs such as domestic work, the low wages made it more difficult for the workers and their families to break out of the poverty cycle. 1946: African mine workers are paid twelve times less than their white counterparts and are forced to do the most dangerous jobs. Over 75,000 Africans go on strike in support of higher wages. Police use violence to force the unarmed workers back to their jobs. Over 1000 workers are injured or killed. Domestic Workers during times of apartheid In the year 1948, a system of legal racial segregation, know as Apartheid, was authorised by the Nasionale

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