What Makes The Inca's Society Complex?

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What makes the Inca’s society complex? We think what made their society so complex was their science, technology, art, architecture, language, religion, and writing. That they developed over the years they existed. Science and Technology: In science technology, they were more advanced, they built roads and had a communication and system using the quipus. They had roads that went throughout the whole Empire which was usually paved with stone, and for steep mountains, they made stone steps and for ravines or ditches they made rope bridges which they crafted by just twisting rope together. The bridges were made so well some of them still stand today. Same with the roads, there are some still here today. The roads were used for moving army troops, and to transport goods, commoners couldn’t use the roads. Language and Writing: One of the only people who could travel on the roads were the “Chaski” who were young, fast men, that carried messages from one relay…show more content…
They were very advanced in science and technology, they built many roads for important people and chaski to travel on, rope bridges and stone steps to help with the travel. In language and writing they created their own language, but never really had a written language instead they use the quipus to send messages to high rankings. In architecture, they built beautiful buildings using stone and bronze tools. The art they made was based around their religion making sculptures of the sun god, and they took up weaving from other ancient civilizations and made beautiful clothes out of cotton, wool of alpacas, llamas, and the wools of the vicuñas and guanacos. Last they had religion, they were very religious people, and their religion was based completely around nature and everything natural, they had a great god named, Viracocha, and they believed that he created every living thing. For those reasons I think the Incas had a very complex society when they

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