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In this essay im gonna show you my posture between zoos are good or bad to the animals or it could replace natural environment and im gonna give my reasons in the next essay i know that it have his I know he has his good things and also his bad things but I'm only going to take into account the good things about this topic and the ones that I chose for my essay. Before doing this essay I read in various sources articles of zoos and pros and cons as well as laws that regulate or make better the zoos so that in parts I add content of articles that I search on the internet to be able to take my position about the zoos Development I think so yes that the zoos could be an alternative to the natural environments cause they take care about animals…show more content…
In fact Since the 1960s, zoos have changed their purpose. In the early 2000s, laws were introduced that prohibit zoos for commercial purposes in almost all countries of the world, including Argentina. The zoos currently aim to care for animals in danger of extinction, their breeding and reintegration into nature by educating visitors about them. Most of the animals that are currently in the zoos are animals rescued from the mistreatment of circuses or private pets of wealthy people who can no longer take care of them. Conclusion For my conclusion i decide that it is remunerable to have zoos instead of natural reserves that in my essay do not rule out the option if I do not believe that they are after a zoo since I consider it better than a natural reserve for the points already seen before but that option always remains and always be looking for the best option for animals without affecting their mood, or their health, if not to the contrary to improve them and that they are at peace with the environment and that they feel relaxed and in

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