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BOOK REVIEW ESSAY The title of the book I read was Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony and the author of the book is Eoin Colfer. The setting of the book was set in medieval times and a time vortex set by demons take them to modern times. It took place in an urban city in Ireland and took place in Spain when they have to fight demons. The theme of the book is about magic. The demons try to take away their magic and kill them. The first character I chose for my essay from the book is Artemis Fowl II. In the book I found a physical trait in Chapter 1. I found a quote saying “fourteen-year-old Irish boy,...(pg.2). Artemis Fowl II says that he is ruining people’s movies (homecoming videos and other types of entertainment on television) with his…show more content…
In this book, Artemis has discovered that the time spell cast over Hybras is beginning to decay and that demons will soon be thrown through time to certain death. Artemis sets out to help the fairy world fix this problem, but is sidetracked when Minerva, a young girl as intelligent as Artemis, kidnaps a demon to earn a Nobel Prize for herself. Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony is another exciting adventure that will keep Eion Colfer fans on the edge of their seats. Artemis Fowl is in Barcelona, Spain with his bodyguard, Butler, in an attempt to catch sight of a demon traveling through time. When the creature fails to arrive at the appointed place and time, Artemis prepares to leave. However, the demon then arrives in an unexpected place, taking Artemis with him when he again jumps through time. Butler manages to anchor himself and Artemis, bringing Artemis back to his own time. A short while later, Artemis and Butler travel to Italy where Artemis again expects a demon to appear. As they wait for this demon, Artemis tells Holly Short, a section 8 of the LEP officer, that he thinks that Hybras, the island where the demons live, is about to fall apart as the spell keeping it lost in time begins to

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