Sight In Oedipus Tyrannos

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This essay examines the way in which sight is used as a symbol in Oedipus Tyrannos. Among the recurring themes in the play, sight and blindness are made reference to, many times and this unveils one of the premise the author of the play is trying to pass across. It is however important to know that symbol, in a literary material, is a theme that is used to represent an abstract idea or concept. Sight is one of the metaphorical symbols used in the play and it represents the ability to perceive or know something. There are several times when the verb ‘see’ is used to represent insight, perception and the ability to know something others do not know. Taking this meaning a bit deeper, possessing the ability to know what others do not know means…show more content…
Also, Oedipus lacked the sight to know that he is actually fulfilling the old prophecy that he would kill his father and marry his own mother. Oedipus further proves that he is indeed blind to the fact by eventually marrying his mother and copulating with her to produce offspring. After Oedipus unknowingly killed his father, he also married his mother. This is metaphorical because Oedipus is considered to be a great man who has intelligence and insight to decode things other people cannot do. However, his physical sight turned into blindness and his intellectuality turned to folly. In contrast, the folly of his actions which is based on lack of insight and intelligence is already known by a blind prophet, Tiresias. The prophet is though physically blind, he sees more than anybody living in the city. He gained his popularity through this ability. It can therefore be argued if this blind prophet can see things that others with physical eyes cannot see, it could be argued that seeing is an act which is mastered rather than an act that is liberally bestowed upon

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