The Negative Effects Of Deontology

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Whether drugs should be legalized or not can be evaluated through Deontology. Deontology directly applies to this topic because it involves the rights and duties of citizens along with having bad consequences. Many argue that doing drugs does no directly impact society therefore drugs should be legalized. However, citizens who do drugs often indirectly affect society and directly affect their families. These consequences have already damaged many families and indirectly affected society. This is because the consequences of those who do drugs is often harms the user’s ability to work productively or have any societal responsibilities according to the book Ethics in Practice: An Anthology (LaFollette, 2014). This makes for bad employers and helpless…show more content…
It is very possible that deaths will increase due to overdosing or heavy reliance on drugs to take away the pains of everyday life. This could lead to an increase in the number of addiction problems that we have. This is a very big consequence that we need to worry about because an addiction becomes a disease to the person with the problem. It’s an illness they cannot escape from by themselves and sometimes they even fail to admit they have an addiction. Another consequences of legalizing drugs is the possible violence that it brings out of people. Drugs can have different side effects and reactions to each person who uses it. If we were to legalize drugs we will create a whole other problem with the negative effects it might bring out of people. Like there state of mind and the danger they potentially hold on society will on drugs and working or at home. These are all huge dangers and moral dilemmas that could possibly result from the legalization of…show more content…
It is the government’s duty to regulate things for the people as long as they do not infringe on the rights of the citizens. If drugs are legalized then the government is legalizing the right to create harm to their bodies and this could even mean taking away an unborn child’s right to be born into this world without addictions. It is also the citizen’s duty to work and contribute to society as long as they can in order to keep our government and economy running. However, legalizing drugs would only increase the number of people who rely on them. This could result in even more people with poorer work performance and responsibilities. Some might argue that we do not know I drug use would increase, however, if we look at the use of cigarettes we see that many people who do not consider themselves regular smokers will smoke while having a beer. The something happens with those who are involved with marijuana. Some do it regularly while others are more likely to start smoking a joint at a party or while having a beer at a social event. Legalizing the drug will take away the conscious and moral burden of doing something wrong. This is because it will no longer be wrong according to the law. This will directly affect those who follow the guidelines of the law because they believe it is what is morally good. Not to mention that drugs takes away a stable state of mind which can result in immoral decisions and

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