The Importance Of Racial Stereotypes

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Humans had always cared about themselves and never looked at anyone’s viewpoint besides their own. This mostly created by one’s arrogance and selfish personality that prevents them from understanding one’s culture and actually making an effort to judge a culture by looking at the culture’s standards. Even back in colonization, old westerns empires had forced their colonies to follow Western culture and while some colonies quickly accepted the new culture there were still others that refused it, thus a punishment was made to those cultures. Humans can not be cultural relative simply because of colonization, discrimination, and racial stereotypes. The only thing humans can be is ethnocentrism just based on their attitudes and beliefs. Colonization…show more content…
Racial stereotypes prevents people from learning about new cultures. When one focuses too much on racial stereotypes it can make the stereotypes go over their heads by preventing any acknowledgement to new cultures and only focusing on the norm. The reason why racial stereotypes prevent people from understanding new cultures is because racial stereotypes makes people feel negative towards those new cultures. For instance, there’s a racial stereotype that all Koreans are obsessed with bleaching their skin. This stereotype forces other cultures to believe that all Koreans love to whitewash their skin; however, if people actually took the time to study Korean culture they would find that in Korean culture in order to be seen beautiful one must have white skin. For Americans, many attacked Korean culture for this stereotype since in America no one bleaches their skin color mostly because in American standards beauty is having a tan. Due to racial stereotypes no one takes time to view cultures from their own standpoint because stereotypes prevent from doing

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