Literary Essay: Elements And Importance Of Literature

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Literature Essay It’s a kind of complex essay that gives the reader the depth of what you have written. Its helps the reader in enhancing their knowledge and understanding. Its not simple as other essays it has different elements that needs to be taken care of and if they are not applied carefully whole essay gets affected. In this chapter we will explore those elements and conventions that are essential and must be there in a literature essay. The literature essay must consist of 5 essential elements that are : • Tone • Thesis • Motive • Evidence • Coherent Structure Tone it’s the base of any essay we can say like when we talk to our friends we talk in different tone and when we talk to our friends we talk in different tone. In the…show more content…
Then comes thesis it should be very effective and appealing as it’s the main theme of the work there can be more than one themes but its good if we use only one theme in the whole work. The theme should be answering all the relevant answers that can be raised after reading the whole content. Than there is evaluation we write literature essay to help people understand the content or the particular work in a better way and there are claims which we do in the essay those are . Wether the content is helpful or not wether it’s important or not and than the claim is that we should not write things from our own perspective should write in a general way why where what happened and etc. The third claim is that is the content morally correct and making sense which character is good and admirable which is not and why is it that. The evaluation is not only to make us write our own views on particular thing but its more just if we answer the other questions that are raised after reading them and we should kept people in view and their thinking while writing a review personal touch should be

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