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The book that I read is ‘Road to Makkah’ by Muhammad Asad. The author was born as Leopold Weiss in1900 in Lvov, Poland (known as Ukraine today). He came from a Jewish family background, where his father was a lawyer and a descended from a long line of rabbis’ background; while his mother was a daughter of a banker. This book tells about the journey on how he came to embrace Islam at the age of 26, with very much detail on his journeys to Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt and Libya. This book was written in the year of 1954, in order for him to explain what had brought him to Islam. Muhammad Asad used many flashbacks as he recounting the events that happened from the 1920s until 1930s. in this book also he goes over many aspects of Muslim Nation and the situation that they are having. When he was small, he used to learn everything related to his background; about the Jews, learn many languages such as Hebrews and so on. At one time he felt that something is missing throughout the teachings of Jew and how their family practice. Thus he tried to seek for other knowledge and religion. He went to army academy at the age of 14 as he was tall enough to be in the army, even though he is not…show more content…
He feels that something is attracting him to Makkah but couldn’t find the reason behind the trips to Muslim region. He also at first doesn’t realize that he was a Muslim until the discussion between him and an Afghani friend who observed him and tells him that he is unconsciously a Muslim. Asad tells that he embraces Islam not because of the trip but because of the knowledge and teachings that he get throughout his trip and journey, that he finally made his decision in embracing Islam. He also understand Islam and Muslims well and deeply before taking the decision to be a Muslim, and it helped him a lot to become a scholar and intellectual thinker for Muslim

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