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Can you ever imagine yourself being homeless or penniless and having to dumpster dive? In the essay, “On Dumpster Diving”by Lars Eighner, he explains his experience in dumpster diving and what he has gone through; from getting sick to being successful. If I were Lars Eighner the location that I would have chosen to dumpster dive is Pleasanton because wealthy people live there, low percentage of homeless, and being able to find good/useful essentials. To begin, wealthy people live in Pleasanton, which is why it is the perfect place to dumpster dive. I know that majority of the wealthiest people donates their elegant/nice clothing because they get tired of it, not in the fashion, too old, or it just does not fit anymore. As a matter of fact, I can start by walking around in neighborhoods. I know that they sometimes place their unwanted clothes in big garbage bags and place it in front of their house, so the people in charge of the donating clothes can come pick it up. In addition, I can also look in thrift stores or in the big bins that you go to, to donate your clothes, which is located in random places around the Bay Area. The wealthy people that live in Pleasanton have…show more content…
Essentials that are useful is empty water bottles or soda cans. The outcome of that is money. I know for sure that a lot of people who live in Pleasanton recycle their water bottles/ soda cans. I can start by looking recycling bins in neighborhoods in search for the soda cans to sell. Although, finding shelter can be somewhat easy and difficult. The benefit of Pleasanton is that it is always warmer than in Fremont, so in the summer I could sleep in a park, similarly like camping outside. The downside is that since there is not a lot of homeless I know that it would be much more difficult to find a shelter home to stay in for the winter

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