Analysis Of Inequality In Will Allen's 'The Food Revolution'

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It’s easy to blame unhealthy choices on those who make them. But, how can you blame someone when they don’t really have the choice. Will Allen taught me, in The Food Revolution, that many people live unhealthy life styles not because they want to, but because they have no other option. There are areas in America that, for miles, only have convenience stores that “rarely offer fresh fruits and vegetables” (144). Food access inequality is an ever growing gap throughout the country. It means that in some communities, fast food restaurants, like McDonald’s, are the main and easiest source of food. It also means that processed foods are cheaper and more realistic to buy than fresh produce. This essay assignment has asked me to summarize my “understanding of the problem”, but I’m not sure I fully do. I can research and hear about the lack of access to healthy food options as much as I want, but I will never fully grasp the concept until I have experienced it or seen it. My definition of it is a textbook definition. That being said, what I do know is…show more content…
For example, racial discrimination. Someone who is white may not realize what goes on in the town over that is predominately black. Maybe it’s because they don’t want to believe that racial discrimination still exists. It may be because Americans can’t fathom the fact that this country isn’t structurally perfect. But, we cannot neglect that fact that “several states found that there were four times more grocery stores in neighborhoods with a majority white population than in neighborhoods that were primarily black” (20). The food industry is no different than any other industry. The tobacco companies solicit to kids; unhealthy food companies solicit to low income households and minorities. It’s hard to fix any type of discrimination in a free market because, for most companies, it is just a business plan. Morally, though, it’s wrong and

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