Ryanair Management Functions

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1 Introduction In this report the principal functions of managers will be discussed. As a key element report will also be highlighting key managerial skills on how such skills may vary at different levels of our chosen organisation which is Ryanair. A manager is a person that works with people which is responsible for coordinating their work activities in order to achieve organisational goals, but as well as changing the nature of the organisation. Becoming a manager comes with obligations and expectations which are represented through functions of managers. The Functions are the following: Planning, Organising, Leading and Controlling. 2 Functions of managers 2.1 Planning Planning is a process consisting of several steps. The process begins…show more content…
Top manager is responsible for the entire business. It uses goals, objectives and strategies formulated by the board of directors to translate them into policies that must be followed through. It makes decisions that affect everyone in the organisation. (Business Dictionary, 2017) Michael O’Leary is the chief executive officer of Ryanair. Any suggestions to improve the company must be confirmed by him. For instance, Ryanair has recently introduced a new baggage policy, where only priority passengers can bring their hand bag and their hand luggage on board prior to the old policy where all passengers could bring two bags on board. The old policy caused flight delays as passengers were struggling to find a place to put their bags. One of Ryanair’s aims is time efficiency, so decision had to be made to improve it, thus the new bag policy. This idea was introduced by the board of directors and approved by Michael O’Leary. Before the new policy was introduced the top managers had to use their conceptual skills to think of the positive and negative outcomes this change will have. Although the new baggage policy is a great idea when it comes to saving time they knew it will also generate frustration among public as passengers don’t like to wait around for their luggage after they land. Conclusions were made and to soften the negative impact they increased the check-in bag allowance…show more content…
These managers are responsible for production of good and services and supervision of clerical staff and flight staff. Front line managers aim to optimise physical, human, informational and financial resource utilisation. They do through ‘’careful management of employees, technology, raw materials and money in order to increase productivity’’. (UK Essays, 2017) Ryanair aims to improve their punctuality, last year 88% of their flights arrived on time, which makes them number one in Europe. To reach this goal the front-line manager trains flight attendant to be more efficient when it comes to allocating passengers to their seats, taking care of their luggage and cleaning the plane after the passengers disembark. As a result of these precautions planes take off and land on time. (Ryanair,

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