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Camping and sleepovers are great way to build lasting memories with your children. When the sun dips into the horizon, and it’s time to settle down for the evening, the sleeping bag you’re child uses will determine the outcome of the night. A great way to end the evening is with the best kids sleeping bag to tuck your little one in. With so many choices available, some of the best bags out there are just a click away. Even with the many best kids sleeping bag options, there are two different types of bags available, those made for indoor camping and those designed for the great outdoors. The best kid’s sleeping bag options that are made for indoor use offer a selection of fun, but warm options that your child is sure to love. Melissa and…show more content…
The Green Valley Cool Weather sleeping bag is designed for camping in temperatures of 30F to 50F degrees. Coleman’s five year warranty on this bag guarantees both the material and workmanship. This bag is typically $24 or less on Amazon Kelty: Little Tree 20 degree jr The Kelty Little Tree 20 Degree Sleeping Bag is a mid-size bag best for boys who aren’t quite ready for the adult size bags yet. It fits children up to 5’4” and is filled with Kelty’s signature Cloudloft insulation for warmth. Kelty’s Little Tree 20 degree mummy style bag is certainly one of the best kid’s sleeping bag options available in junior size. Being rated for temperatures of 20 degrees makes it a fantastic choice for colder nights. This bag is typically $75 or less on Amazon Slumberjack: Big Scout 30 degree sleeping bag If you’re looking for a great all around sleeping bag, then the Slumberjack Big Scout 30 Degree Youth Synthetic Sleeping Bag may be the choice for you. This versatile bag is great for both indoor and outdoor camping. The Slumberjack bag fits children up to 5’5” and is filled with Slumberloft synthetic insulation for warmth. It also includes a pillow pocket to keep your child’s pillow from sliding around. A draft tube for the zipper area helps prevent heat loss and ensures your child stays

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