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The circumstances of Ponyboy’s life is better because he finds out that Darry actually does love him and it is worse because Dally and Johnny die the two closest members of his life after Sodapop and Darry as well as the side effects and symptoms and Ponyboy’s life gets better at the end because he finds out that Darry loves him and cares about him. At the beginning of the book Ponyboy mistakes Darry’s strictness for hatred towards him as he notices that he rarely ever yells at Sodapop. When Ponyboy was admitted to the hospital Darry and Sodapop went to see him and that was the first time Darry ever cried in front of Ponyboy. “Suddenly I realized, horrified, that Darry was crying. He didn't make a sound, but tears were running down his cheeks.…show more content…
This causes Darry to lighten up on him as Ponyboy obviously returns his mutual respects back towards him. At home Darry really checks up on Ponyboy academically because Darry believes in Ponyboy’s potential as a student and how he can use that brain to become successful in life. Darry obviously cares about Ponyboy as he often check on his homework to see if he's scoring high grades and to make sure he isn’t slacking off. Ponyboy’s life takes a turn around as it also becomes negative towards the end. At the beginning of the book all the Greasers were alive, but by the end two of them sadly perish, Johnny and Dally. Johnny being Ponyboy’s best friend and closest buddy it really hurt him. Dally wasn’t as close to Ponyboy as Johnny was but he was very important to the gang so it hadn’t only hurt Ponyboy it hurt everyone equally. When Ponyboy enters the rumble he had been severely hit in the head which had cost him a concussion. After recovering from the concussion he had been suffering with some symptoms. When we was recovering his academic grades dropped vastly especially in English. “I used to make A's in English, mostly because my teacher made us do compositions all the time.
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